Some things that we care about are located beyond the reach of wifi.

In the absence of wifi, cellular networks are an option, but they are outrageously expensive and incredible power hogs.

So that’s the puzzle we've been working on.

We kept thinking to ourselves, "How can we leverage the flexibility of cellular networks without charging hundreds of dollars for a great solution?

"What if we could combine the speed of WiFi sensor alerts with incredible battery life and make it all work even in the harshest weather?"

After multiple technical iterations, we arrived at LTE-M (Cat-M1). This was the breakthrough moment. Here was the solution that did everything we wanted. And it’s how we invented the first and only fully remote sensor to know if an access point (like a storage unit, a distant fence gate, or the door on an RV) was opened – even if it was hundreds of miles away.

Watch this 3-minute video to understand why we're so excited:


You've seen those TV commercials where Verizon shows a map with most of the US covered (minus a few uncovered small patches).

Then comes along AT&T with their commercial and another map that also covers the US (minus a different set of uncovered small patches). Our built-in cellular communicator works with both Verizon and At&T, so we truly cover 99.99% of American soil.

Who is this for?

The applications are broad. You can literally carry it in your pocket and attach it to any solid surface.

And because it’s weatherproof, it keeps working uninterrupted in torrential rain, scorching July heat, arctic February cold, and anything in between you may throw at it.


It’s the cost of about half a tank of RV fuel–and for that one-time price–you can monitor your biggest mobile asset (no matter where it’s parked).

Storage units

Paying $200 or more per month to expand your storage space makes a lot of sense. But you want to be sure it’s safe. There is growing evidence of thieves breaking in and replacing locks to hide the theft.There is no replacing with FlexAware; if it’s touched, you’ll receive an immediate phone notification.

Pasture gates

You have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your acreage. Yet, it’s not exempt from trespassers or bad actors. For the cost of a simple tractor repair, you can monitor almost a dozen property points scattered throughout your property. We know you value your time, and we value helping you save time by manually checking your property. It’s in your family’s best interest to have you watching their back. Because your farm is your family’s biggest asset.

Pool gates

You paid thousands for your pool; you understand the importance of safety. With pools, time is of the essence when a child or pet is near the water unexpectedly. Accidents happen more often than we would ever hope to acknowledge, even in your part of town. The peace of mind of knowing immediately when the pool gate opens – or was propped open – can be worth a lot.

Any remote property

If your barn door is accidentally left open, you deserve to know. And when it's opened at 11:07pm, you definitely need to know.

Vacant real estate

If an investment property is sitting unused, it doesn’t make sense to hook it up with internet service, but you’d still want to know if the access points are secure. What if you could know 24/7 for a tiny one-time cost?

Cabins and lake houses

We buy getaway homes to get away from hustle and bustle. But we can never use them enough. Paying for 12 months of internet service when the cabin is used for maybe 30 days in a year doesn’t make sense.

Horse stables

Many of our customers own horses and want to know if the stable door is left open.

Boat hatch doors

Simple attach to any point of entry on your boat, and now you have monitoring for that part of your boat.

When you're traveling

Some prefer AirB&B’s, others prefer hotels. Either way, when you stay at someone else’s place, there’s no way of knowing when housing cleaning or the landlord dropped by while you’re gone. What if you could pay for one extra night’s stay to secure your home-away-from-home for years to come?

  • We've found that our customers use All Aware in ways that are unique to them but don’t apply to others.

    For example, we have someone who uses All Aware for his mailbox at the end of a long road to know if the mail has been delivered. That’s a pretty clever time-saving hack.

  • Spend 20 seconds to think about things you value that are far away that you’d want to keep tabs on.

Pool gate opens and the cellular contact sensor updates status on mobile app

While the All Aware product is new, sensor technology isn’t new to us. We’ve been working on sensors for the last 19 years. In fact, as you’re reading this, the technology our engineers built is protecting Reveal

The setup takes less than 10 minutes. Once set, you get a maintenance-free protection that lasts up to 2 years.

Quick recap

  • No matter how vigilant we are, managing remote property is a challenge because we can’t be everywhere at once.
  • Knowing sooner means responding faster.
  • Monitors for activity 24/7. No coffee breaks.
  • Completely wireless. No wires, no plugs. Place it anywhere.
  • Maintenance-free. Set it once, and it’ll work for us for 2 years (even when being used continuously) before a battery change is needed. And you’ll get a notification when a better change is needed.

Flex Aware

Regular price $49.00 USD
$49.00 USD Sale price Regular price $99.00 USD
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Regular price $129.00 USD
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Regular price $99.00 USD
$99.00 USD Sale price Regular price $149.00 USD
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Regular price $79.00 USD
$79.00 USD Sale price Regular price $129.00 USD
38% OFF Sold out
Perfect for doors or gates that close fully – driveway gates, garden sheds, delivery boxes, and more. Comes with a strong magnet that acts as a standard contact sensor.
Choose Flex Aware for any property that closes with a latch.
Tip: If it closes with a “click” and remains securely closed, Flex Aware is the right choice.

Flex Aware Connected Cable

Regular price $59.00 USD
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Regular price $99.00 USD
$99.00 USD Sale price Regular price $149.00 USD
33% OFF Sold out
Perfect for non-latching gates such as pasture gates or farm gates. Comes with a wired contact at the end of a three-foot cable.
Choose Flex Aware Connected Cable for any non-latching gates.
Tip: If your property does not latch closed, Connected Cable is the right choice.