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We understand that construction is hard work.

It's also full of tight budgets and important deadlines

What’s more?



Unauthorized access.

Multiple trades on site on any given day.

Sure, security cameras are a must have. 

But they aren’t perfect... 

They don’t cover every corner of your jobsite. 

If they send alerts from detected motion, they often send too many false alerts

... and they can’t tell you what you really need to know. 

(Nor tell you instantly - when you need to know it.)

Answers to questions like...

“When did the last man leave yesterday?”

“When did the jobsite trailer get closed?”

“Why was the entrance gate opened at 1:00 AM?!”

“Did anyone get into my job box when I wasn’t looking?”

Your jobsite is full of assets, tools, and materials.

Many of them are vulnerable.

ANY unauthorized access can create DELAYS.

Lost tools are never a good thing.

Missing materials – talk about more delays. 

But traditional security systems can't work in a rugged environment.

They often require power to be pulled on site.

And they need expensive cellular connections (often $$$/month).

What We Need

A solution that will instantly inform you about important jobsite activity... 

A solution that’s always on guard, 24/7.

A solution that’s as rugged as your work environment.

A solution that doesn’t need power on site

A solution that doesn’t rely on WiFi.

Introducing: Flex Aware

Monitor Your Most Important Property and Assets Without WiFi, Without Power, And Without Contracts

It's a New Kind of Power Tool

(that doesn't need recharging)

Cellular Connection

Uses a built-in sim card to remain connected, ensuring coverage across even the most remote or sprawling sites. No Wi-Fi needed.

Completely Wireless

No wiring, no hassle. Set up in minutes and operate it hands-free with battery life that spans up to two years, reducing maintenance and the need for frequent checks.


Built to withstand the rigors of a construction site, Flex Aware has an IP56 rating to work non-stop, rain or shine. It’s the new toughest tool in your arsenal.


Your jobsite changes. Flex Aware can change with it. Add more Flex devices as your jobsite expands or shifts. Use them on multiple jobsites across town at once.

Sensor technology isn’t new to us.

We’ve been working on sensors for the last 19 years.

In fact, as you’re reading this, the technology our engineers built is protecting 9.1 million 🇺🇸 households.

The Solution That Checks ALL the Boxes

  • Instantly know when doors, gates, or jobsite boxes were accessed.  

  • Monitor one or more jobsites, all in one app.

  • Install anywhere – even without WiFi or pulled power. 

  • Know when the first employee arrives, and when the last employee leaves.

  • Customize alert settings for specific time frames. (Example: Evenings and weekend alerts only.)  

  • Share the alerts with co-workers. 
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Two Models. Infinite Use Cases.

Flex Aware

Regular price $49.00 USD
$49.00 USD Sale price Regular price $99.00 USD
50% OFF Sold out
Regular price $129.00 USD
$129.00 USD Sale price Regular price $179.00 USD
27% OFF Sold out
Regular price $99.00 USD
$99.00 USD Sale price Regular price $149.00 USD
33% OFF Sold out
Regular price $79.00 USD
$79.00 USD Sale price Regular price $129.00 USD
38% OFF Sold out
Perfect for doors, latching gates, and most use cases. Comes with a strong magnet that acts as a standard contact sensor.
Choose Flex Aware for any property that closes with a latch.
Tip: If it closes with a “click” and remains securely closed, Flex Aware is the right choice.

Flex Aware Connected Cable

Regular price $59.00 USD
$59.00 USD Sale price Regular price $109.00 USD
45% OFF Sold out
Regular price $149.00 USD
$149.00 USD Sale price Regular price $199.00 USD
25% OFF Sold out
Regular price $119.00 USD
$119.00 USD Sale price Regular price $169.00 USD
29% OFF Sold out
Regular price $99.00 USD
$99.00 USD Sale price Regular price $149.00 USD
33% OFF Sold out
Perfect for wide-gap gates that do not latch or asset lockup. Comes with a wired contact at the end of a three-foot cable.
Choose Flex Aware Connected Cable for any non-latching gates.
Tip: If your property does not latch closed, Connected Cable is the right choice.

Check Coverage at Your Jobsite

Quickly verify cellular coverage for Flex Aware by entering your project’s ZIP code.

Who is Flex Aware for?

  • GC's

  • Superintendents 

  • Foremen 

  • Construction company owners 

  • Laborers (tools, job boxes, etc.) 

  • Plumbers 

  • Electricians 

  • HVAC 

  • Carpenters 

  • Drywall contractors 

  • Commercial roofers 

  • Anyone with expensive tools or a jobsite 

Watch Flex Aware in Action

Construction is hard work. 


Theft and unauthorized access makes it harder. 


Flex Aware makes both these easier on you, your budget, and your deadlines.