Order Breakdown

This breakdown is designed to help you understand your subscription with All Aware™. We understand that subscriptions are important to understand. Please contact our support team if you have any questions!

Below are shown three sections breaking down 1) your existing subscription, 2) today's addition to it, and 3) the resulting updated subscription.

  1. Existing Subscription +
  2. New Subscriptions Added =
  3. Updated Subscription

1. Your Existing Subscription

Existing Subscription: $7.99 per month
Payment Method VISA 4242

2. New Subscriptions Added

New addition: $4.00 per month

Your new subscription addition of $4.00 per month does not take effect until February 1st 2023. Here is why...

Nov 2022: No charge for new service
Dev 2022: No charge for new service
Jan 2023
$4.00 charge pre-paid today at checkout
Feb 2023
$4.00 charge added to monthly subscription

3. Updated Subscription

Existing: $7.99 per month
Added today: $4.00 per month
Total (Feb 2023): $11.99 per month
*This $4.00 monthly subscription is added to your existing $7.99 monthly subscription on February Ist 2023. This makes your monthly subscription increase from $7.99 month to $11.99 month as of February lst 2023

How to cancel your surbscription

Cancelling your subscription is easy and can be done online at any time.

  1. Go to www.allaware.com/account
  2. Select the "Devices" tab
  3. For each active device, click on the deactivate button. Repeat this step for all active devices

Once all active devices are marked deactivated, your account is now cancelled and you will not be billed for your next subscription.

Your app and cellular devices will continue to work until the end of the month. For detailed instructions on cancelling your account, click here.

Your account and your devices may be reactivated at any time. Upon reactivating your account, you will be charged a $10.00 USD one-time fee.