The Flex Aware Guide

The All Aware Flex Aware sensor enables new levels of flexibility for monitoring valuable property and assets anywhere that LTE connectivity is available. Whether used with a backyard gate or a remote storage unit, the Flex Aware sensor empowers users to keep an eye on what matters most. It can be used with the included magnet to monitor doors, gates, and other entryways.  

The All Aware Flex Aware sensor is a monitoring device that is not intended for life safety use cases.


  1. Activate Your All Aware Account 
  2. Add Your Flex Aware Sensor 
  3. Install Your Flex Aware 
  4. Customize Your Notifications 
  5. Add Others to Your Account 

1. Activate Your All Aware Account

Activating your All Aware account only takes a few minutes. Once it is activated, you can set up your first Flex Aware device and configure notifications. 
To activate your All Aware account you will need: 

    • Your username and temporary password 
    • A mobile device with an internet connection 
    • The All Aware app 

 Click here for more information on How to Activate Your All Aware Account.

2. Add Your Flex Aware Sensor 

Once you have activated your All Aware account, you are ready to start adding devices. To add a Flex Aware sensor to your account, you must use a smart phone or tablet.  
    1. Log in to the All Aware app 
    2. Tap the menu bar on the top left of the screen 
    3. Tap  + Add Device 
    4. Tap Flex Sensor 
You have now begun the Install Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up and install your Flex Aware.  

3. Install Your Flex Aware 

After you have added a Flex Aware device in the All Aware app, you are now ready to install your Flex Aware sensor.  
This step will take roughly 10-15 minutes per device. Follow the install wizard in the All Aware app for each device you install.
The Flex Aware was designed with the user in mind and is easy to install without the need for a professional installer. 
In your box you will find 2 screws, zip ties, and dual lock tape. You can determine which installation method to use based upon your installation location.  
  • Use screws for an extremely durable, permanent solution on wooden or other penetrable surfaces, like barn doors or wooden gates.
  • Use zip ties for metallic, impenetrable surfaces that are thin enough for the zip ties to wrap around, like pool gates or metal pasture gates.
  • Use Dual Lock tape for smooth, clean surfaces  or for temporary solutions, like rental properties or delivery boxes. 

    Check out the How to Install the Flex Aware - Video Tutorial for a visual guide on how to install your device with these different installation techniques.  
    For ideas on where to install your Flex Aware, check out our use cases page. 

    4. Customize Your Notifications

    After you install your Flex Aware device with the Install Wizard, some default notifications will be preconfigured for you so that you can start using your Flex Aware sensor immediately. However, notifications are completely customizable, and you can configure these default notifications or add your own.  
    To add your own notification: 
    1. Log in to the All Aware app 
    2. Tap the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner 
    3. Tap Notifications 
    4. Tap the gear icon 
      Tap on an existing notification to configure it. Otherwise proceed to create a new notification.

    5. Tap the + (plus sign) in the upper right hand corner 
    6. Name your new Notification, configure it, and tap Save  

    Additionally, you may add additional users to each notification. To learn how to add other users to your account and your notifications continue reading. 


    5. Add Others to Your Account 

    After you have configured your Flex Aware notifications, you may want to let others receive notifications. You can add family, friends, coworkers, and others to your account as users. Users can access your app and receive notifications of sensor activity. This process only takes a minute.  
    To add a user to your account using the All Aware app:  

    1. Log in to the All Aware mobile app 
    2. On the home screen, tap Manage Account on the “My Account” card 
    3. Tap Add a Login 
    4. Scroll down and tap the button Add Login, then tap Add 
    5. Enter the email of the new user 
      Note: This is the email they will use to log into the app. 
    6. Set permissions 
    7. Tap Add 
    Congratulations! You have added an additional user using the All Aware mobile app. To learn more about adding and managing users, check out our guide on How to Add or Remove a User on Your Account. 
    If you have any issues with these steps, please contact the All Aware support team at or Create a Support Ticket.