Your Pool Gate Isn't Enough

Do you know EVERY TIME your pool gate is opened? 

child next to pool gate
As safety-conscious homeowners who pride ourselves on maintaining protected environments for our children and pets, we often overlook one potential danger zone – the swimming pool.

A sad but telling statistic from the CDC states that the leading cause of unintentional death for children aged 1-4 years is drowning, and the majority of these drownings occur in residential swimming pools. 

Surely we all understand the importance of pool fencing, but is a mere pool fence and gate enough to keep our precious ones safe?

While a 4 sided pool fence reduces the risk of a child drowning by 83%, this still leaves a significant 17% risk. This risk can elevate due to factors such as an improperly latched gate or a determined child who finds a way to climb over.

Despite the undeniable benefits of a pool fence, additional safety measures remain crucial for complete protection.

Thankfully, various solutions can be employed to further enhance the safety of your pool fence.

Pool Safety Checklist (Top 5)

boy swimming in pool with family

Is your pool as safe as it can be? Take a second and read through this recommended pool safety checklist to see how safe your pool is: 

  1. Self-Closing and Self-Latching Gates
    Gates must close and latch automatically after being opened to deter young children and NEVER be propped open. Latches should be approximately 54 inches from the bottom of the gate for out-of-reach security. 
  2. Fence Height 
    The fence height should be a minimum of 4 feet tall for childproofing your pool area.
  3. Clear Visibility
    Ensure your pool is always in line of sight and supervised by an adult when children are swimming. If your pool is out of a clear line of sight, keep reading for ideas on how to monitor remote areas.
  4. Pool and Spa Covers
    Professionally rated covers offer a solid layer of protection and prevent access during the off season. 
  5. Alarm Systems
    An alert when someone enters the pool area Is essential for keeping tabs of pool access.

If you didn’t check all of the boxes, especially box 5, then check this out:

Flex Aware: A Revolutionary Pool Gate Sensor  

Flex Aware is more than just a traditional pool gate sensor. It's a meticulously designed, outdoor, wireless pool gate sensor, crafted to withstand weather extremities and provide the extra level of defense every concerned parent seeks.

Flex Aware doesn't replace other safety measures. It enhances them. When it comes to our children's safety, there's no such thing as "too many precautions."

Here’s a quick overview of Flex Aware’s features that will bring your pool safety to the next level:

  • Instant notifications
    Get instant notifications right on your mobile device every time your pool gate is opened or left open.
  • Cellular connected
    Flex Aware connects to the cellular network and doesn’t need Wi-Fi to work, so it will send notifications whether your pool is 5 feet away or 500 miles away.
  • Battery Powered
    Flex Aware is completely wireless and is powered by 4 AA batteries with an expected battery life of two years.
  • Weatherproof
    Flex Aware has an excellent IP56 rating, so you can leave it up year-round in temperatures of 140° F to -40° F, and never worry about rain, snow, or splashes from the pool.
  • Easy Installation
    Flex Aware has multiple installation methods included right in the box to accommodate a large variety of pool gate styles. 

It's time to upgrade your pool safety. Learn more about Flex Aware and get the watchful guardian your loved ones deserve.